Interface AckMcastSenderWindow.RetransmitCommand

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public static interface AckMcastSenderWindow.RetransmitCommand

Called by retransmitter thread whenever a message needs to be re-sent to a destination. dest has to be set in the dst field of msg, as the latter was sent multicast, but now we are sending a unicast message. Message has to be copied before sending it (as headers will be appended and therefore the message changed!).

Method Summary
 void retransmit(long seqno, Message msg, Address dest)
          Retranmit the given msg

Method Detail


void retransmit(long seqno,
                Message msg,
                Address dest)
Retranmit the given msg

seqno - the sequence number associated with the message
msg - the msg to retransmit (it should be a copy!)
dest - the msg destination

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