Interface ExtendedReceiver

All Superinterfaces:
ExtendedMembershipListener, ExtendedMessageListener, MembershipListener, MessageListener, Receiver
All Known Implementing Classes:
Draw, ExtendedReceiverAdapter, ReplicatedHashMap

public interface ExtendedReceiver
extends Receiver, ExtendedMessageListener, ExtendedMembershipListener

Extends Receiver, plus the partial state transfer methods. This interface will disappear (be merged with Receiver) in 3.0.

Bela Ban

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.jgroups.ExtendedMessageListener
getState, getState, getState, setState, setState, setState
Methods inherited from interface org.jgroups.MessageListener
getState, receive, setState
Methods inherited from interface org.jgroups.ExtendedMembershipListener
Methods inherited from interface org.jgroups.MembershipListener
block, suspect, viewAccepted

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